Sir Jean, the charismatic singer from Senegal is back with the NMB Afrobeat Experience to present their latest album «Silver and Gold», a tribute to the 1960s and 70s hot Highlife-style dance music, with a strong political commitment.

This next album comes as an echo to their previous one «Permanent War» in which they accused silver, gold and money of causing permanent wars. Avoiding sheer pessimism, they ended their release with a positive number («Hope») and called for collective awareness in «Nice Day for a New Start».

With this state of mind, the band recorded «Silver and Gold» in the reknowned Supadope Studios in Lyon, France, and set up this new energetic album full of resistance songs, a blend of rhythms coming up as a new approach to Afrobeat.

Whether it be in Wolof language, English or French, Sir Jean sings about his West African childhood, a Golden Age for African big bands, then heralds of political resistance while calling for the whole continent’s independence. This commitment finds itself transcribed by the band in their own particular way of exploring the sounds of those days. Funky patterns, pulsating horns and analogic keyboards mix together into those Highlife-style and even rock’n’roll sounds to produce a music shinier than gold, and more valuable than silver. A transatlantic musical whirl springing from both the desert’s stillness and frantic cities such as Dakar or Lagos back in the 1970s.

Sir Jean & NMB Afrobeat Experience will make you dance along this 9-track journey throughout their new album.