I have always believed music was similar to cooking. A conductor, an art director, the guy who’s about to mix a record, they’re all acting like a Chef. Yet as musicians, we share the making of the menu, we discuss the contents of the dishes and the way they ought to be served. Everything goes smoothly in a kitchen as long as the cooks get on well, as long as they communicate with intuition and serve a one and only common purpose. Because next, you have to serve the dish and leave it to the people’s assessment.

We have a cook with us. His name is Tom, he is an od friend of the guys’ and if Abda - the bass drum World Champion - who is a cook himself, trusted him for the sake of our stomachs, he had to be really good. He proved it. Not once came up the slightest complaint about the menu. Even me, as a picky eater, I never had to complain. Another cook, but a musical one this time, is Christophe, a.k.a Beard as I have had a tendency to call him from the start… Christophe haunts his studio like a ghost, and he appears just when you need him, and he only opens his mouth when his opinion seems to be required.

Everything is going so well here. This morning, I got busy spending what’s left of my voice on recording backing vocals with the others. We did that with smiles on our faces. Now Pierrot has to record all the keyboards. The man’s spot on, meaningful in his playing. I’d rather not attend these takes and listen to the finished thing instead. This album is now coming true, everything is coming together as ideally planned, as we thought it would, with some last minute arrangements that can help us rather than drive us mad.

Pierrot has just finished his takes, he’s put everything in the box, that’s cool. Now we can listen. Some have made up a tracklist already, we’re going to taste the dish, and assess it before we serve it to you. What I’m listening to is reassuring, the tracklist helps me to a fresher listening. I am actually, as some younger rude boy would say, f…… impressed. I’m not going to give away anything about the menu, but as they say you can appreciate a dish through its smell in the first place, contrary to a book ; yes, they say you can’t judge a book by its cover…

Everyone is happy with the listenings, even the Man with the Beard, who has seen many people in his studio. We can now open these bottles of champagne that have been in the fridge since we arrived ; Jeannot (the bass, or sousaphone player) brought them for his recent birthday. A fine way of putting an end to this recording. We’re going back home tomorrow.

Stay tuned, we need you to taste this dish and tell us what you think about it. But right before that, help us achieving the making of it, we’re launching a crowd-funding campaign through « Ulule ».

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We’ve been cooking « Permanent War » for you . Thank you for following our adventures.