As we all know, work (especially hard work) always pays back. Everyone here knows how hard it is to practise an instrument, how many hours they spend on just playing the right note with a sax or a trombone, the right rhythmic pattern on the drums, the right articulation when you sing, and with the perfect tuning. Going back to work over and over again until you get the best possible result with what you are able to do.

Like they say in America, « less talking, more acting ». It’s gonna be a hard day’s work for me today : I have to dub all the original vocal tracks, I must record the basic track on « Emergency », a song in which we ask our politicians to do less talking, and achieve more in terms of action. There is also « One for All », I’d like to record my track again so that I can give it a little « soul music » style.

As a singer, my recurrent nightmares have always been to find myself in front of a microphone with nothing that comes out when on the air, or out of tune, or unable to remember the right articulation. I guess it happens to all the musicians, regardless of their instrument, and yet for a singer like me, who has never had any training in music, I suppose the fear is higher even though I’m not showing it.

A voice is a « physiological » instrument, I sing with my whole body, with my guts, my bones. My soul. Singing is my medicine, my therapy, my punchball. And I actually give away very personal things in this album. I won’t tell you which songs are autobiographical, you can and will find out by yourselves. We also have these songs about my vision of the world, that I share with the guys, and when I hear them backing my lyrics, I fell it gives more strength and power to my words.

A voice is one half of a song, so if your voice is screwed up, your song is screwed up. So it goes for the instruments. I feel good on the tracks, the guys have done a good recording job. The session is going smoothly. Everything is getting in the box in due time. There are smiles on our faces. We are even happier since Pioups, an old friend of the band’s, visited us last night, when I had the pleasure to meet him. Pioups had brought a little bottle that sent me to bed earlier than usual. But that’s another story….

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