I have always subscribed to this saying. Because even though your planning is fine, something unexpected can come up and make a mess of your day. The important thing is to give your best so that you won’t regret anything when it’s too late. And doing our best is exactly what we’re doing here. Like I sing in today’s song, « You only Rip what You Sow »… We’re doing our best to feed the groove and collect more credit from those who will listen to this record.

We started up this morning the same way as yesterday, that is up at eight, on the air at nine. Smiles on our faces, all instruments as weapons, ready to shoot… We recorded a new version of « Hunted » with a few changes. In the box, right away.

Next, the guys recorded « Emergency », a song we actually had a few problems with, so we opted for a more convenient way, that is separate takes for the band and the leading voice. Next up, « Let Them Do », precisely to just reap what you…

We are living well together, listening to one another, accepting positive, creative ideas from anyone who wants to just improve the song. On each song, the composer plays his part as a conductor, so to speak. He would give his indications as for the way the song ought to be played, he would direct the recording of the song, yet everyone is responsible for his own instrument and for the way he plays, and thus has his own word to say comes the choice for the final cut.

Thirteen and a half hours later, everything is in the box. No self-congratulations here, but we can still be proud of one another. Everyone has been driving the same way since we arrived because everyone wants to see the seeds we are planting grow up into a tree whose fruits we will hopefully share with you all.

During the afternoon, we listened to the « basic tracks » - that’s the way the Man with the Beard calls the takes, so that we choose the best versions for the final mix.

Before that, we must do the re-recordings for additional percussions, guitar, and keyboards.
The vocals will be finalised tomorrow. This and a few more things.

We’re still on schedule. We feel good here. We feel good together.
You only reap what you sow, and we are sowing the seeds of a record we hope you’ll enjoy : « Permanent War ».

Tomorrow is another day, we will tell you more of that story.

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