"Nice day for a new start" is the song we're starting with today. Nice day and yet the weather isn't fine here. It is raining and yet we ought to think "sun" ...

It is an endless struggle, a never ending quest... The quest for the perfect version. The search for the downbeat, along with messed up cues, they all contribute to playing this song over and over again until we are happy with that version, until we've got as close to what was planned in advance.

Never overrate your ears, don't overtrust your sensations, be aware of all those little imperfections that make you go back to work, with food for thought for everyone until everybody is satisfied with the version. Because it's simply "One for All and All for One", that song we have to put in the box today. In that hot P-Funk Afrobeat-style atmosphere, a groove we're all under, and we gotta push it to the limits. All together. Rehearse the songs before you record them, give them time to undergo your own surgery during the listenings in that spaceship cockpit-shaped cabin, trust this bearded sound engineer who doesn't speak much but remains perfectly neutral. And when he says it's OK, it's OK.

We are on schedule so far, and that's pretty cool, we're even a bit ahead of it maybe, but something can come up and the machine gets crippled, so we keep focused and in a state of emergency, hunting a fast, fast game... The song is called "Hunted", a song inspired from the tragedy of the Aborigenes, but describes the fate of all these people who have been hunted, chased, captured, exploited, but who have resisted and eventally survived.

We also have survived Day 2 now, never forgetting to take our time, the time to feel things, to do them well as sung on "Take the Time" that we've put in the box today. But still in a state of emergency. "Emergency", another song we've tried to squeeze onto the tape, but we were too tired to carry on, however we are on schedule, another two songs to deliver and then time for re-recordings.

But that's another story, we'll tell you more tomorrow.

Stay tuned.