A state of things, a scream from the heart, a lament, a song soaring in emergency and that asks questions... why are we living in this perpetual war ? This day by day violence ?

NMB and Sir Jean invite you on their quest for answers all together, "One for All and All for One", and talk about a different possible world than ours, that violates the most basic human rights on a daily basis.

"Permanent War" is the album we'd like you to meet next April. By the time we put it in the box, we're inviting you on this videoblog so that you can follow the whole making. We'll keep you informed every day about our sessions. It's actually some challenge for us, and even though the guys and I have met before, we want to play our hearts out into this album, so that you can dance and think on it, take pleasure in listening to it, in offerring or having it offerred. So we're as excited as we could be.

Today was our first day of takes, I guess we're happy with what's come up. I had heard many things about this studio before and I admit everything's gone expectedly smoothly so far. The challenge is up to us, that is, performing fine, irreversible versions that we have put together since last summer... Putting in three numbers a day for you to enjoy and let you see for yourself. I say it again, the album will only be released next spring, so till then watch us making it on our website, Facebook page and social networks.

Stay tuned... PERMANENT WAR