A state of things, a scream from the heart, a lament, a song soaring in emergency, asking questions… Why are we living in this perpetual war ? This never interrupting violence ?

You are most welcome to join NMB and Sir Jean‘s quest for answers, all together “One for All and All for One“, and evoke a different possible world, one that wouldn’t revolve around profits, one that wouldn’t take for granted the routine of steadily violating all essential human rights, like ours does extensively.

SIR JEAN & NMB AFROBEAT EXPERIENCE comes as the reunion of a singing wizard with a New Orleans-style brass band. After having carved our previous album DEMOCRAZY in West Africa’s red marble, we proceed with our AFROBEAT EXPERIENCE along with SIR JEAN, a magnetic singer with a stunningly deep voice.

Filled with irresistible energy, strength and awareness, NMB AFROBEAT EXPERIENCE stands as a vital, historical bound between Nigeria and Louisiana, a transatlantic Mardi Gras from Lagos to New Orleans. It is also an appeal for Fela’s worshippers to join the Yoruba feast and to move any dance floor into the heart of the Shrine.

Because of Africa’s constant turmoil regarding politics and society at large, our commitment has been natural and obvious. Moreover, SIR JEAN does have the proper voice (in all senses of the term) to raise the banner of modern-day Africa’s democratic, progressist, and even revolutionary aspirations.