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Thu 28 Jul Lyon(69)Les Jeudis des Musiques du MondeFR
Fri 05 Aug Thonon les Bains(74)Les Fondus du MacadamFR
Sat 06 Aug Le monastier sur gazeille(43)Festival Les cuivres du MonastierFR
Sat 13 Aug Fraisans(39)No Logo FestivalFR
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A state of things, a scream from the heart, a lament, a song soaring in emergency, asking questions… Why are we living in this perpetual war ? This never interrupting violence ?

You are most welcome to join NMB and Sir Jean‘s quest for answers, all together “One for All and All for One“, and evoke a different possible world, one that wouldn’t revolve around profits, one that wouldn’t take for granted the routine of steadily violating all essential human rights, like ours does extensively.

SIR JEAN & NMB AFROBEAT EXPERIENCE comes as the reunion of a singing wizard with a New Orleans-style brass band. After having carved our previous album DEMOCRAZY in West Africa’s red marble, we proceed with our AFROBEAT EXPERIENCE along with SIR JEAN, a magnetic singer with a stunningly deep voice.

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Sir Jean & NMB Afrobeat Experience - Permanent War permanent war released the april 29th 2016 listen
  • … Halfway between Voodoo sorcery and a dance floor revel, embracing Cajuns, Houma and Yoruba people, these unique sounds deftly match the graceful excitement conveyed by this stylish « Permanent War ». Its alluring rhythms are a call to shake and move, and invite each and everyone to board the train of collective action …

  • Here is what you get: frantic percussions, powerful trumpeting horns, and the shaman’s incantations, his body snaking up and down. And there is what you are urged to figure out: the villagers’ dancing, with their faces painted, the bewitching heat, the growling tigers. This outfit comes wrapped into a spirited, political album vocalized by a conquering wizard and indulged by a tribe of musicians, all together setting a link from Nigeria to Louisiana.

  • The consistency in Sir Jean & NMB Afrobeat Experience’s tone results in sheer power and authenticity, blatantly following the tradition of Nigeria’s Afrobeat Bands.

  • Friday night at the Marché Gare. The house is crammed with feverish, enthusiastic fans. On stage, Sir Jean & NMB Afrobeat Experience have been igniting the place step by step, relentlessly bringing the pressure up to its climax. Before the encore pays tribute to the Black President, a man in the crowd exclaims: « Oh no, not Obama again ! ». Yet it’s clearly Fela Kuti we’re talking about here – his haunting shadow has drifted over this gargantuan night. A must-see show.

    Sébastien BroquetLe petit bulletin
  • Give the Afrobeat Experience a shot and get propelled deep into the heart of a Dixieland New Orleans Brass Band.

  • The steadiness in Democrazy is unbelievable… In one word : fat satisfaction.

    DJAMDJAM Récompense
  • I must confess the first listening left me restless, overpowered by the urgency of dancing, and that’s also what Afrobeat is about : inviting your body to dance !